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Physio For The Elderly

I have a specialist interest in treating older people who may need to increase their strength and stamina, reduce falls or return to their previous level of fitness after surgery or illness.

Targeted Physio

As part of the ageing process your body’s strength, balance and flexibility deteriorate. Targeted physiotherapy programmes can improve strength, stamina, flexibility and balance, the consequent physical improvement can be key to maintaining your independence and quality of life.

Falls Prevention

NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence), recommends that all over 65-year olds meeting a health care professional should have a review of their risk of falls. If you have an increased risk of falls you should then be assessed, referred appropriately and a plan of intervention devised. Physiotherapy is specifically recommended. Assessing these risk factors and recommending areas that can be improved, including specialised exercise programmes designed by an experienced physiotherapist, will help prevent you from having further falls.

Post Op Physio

Sudden illness or surgery can be a traumatic event both physically and psychologically. Physiotherapy speeds your recovery, helps you to optimise your physical abilities and, where possible, restore you to the lifestyle you enjoyed before.
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