I specialise in home visit and care home physiotherapy that meet your needs directly.

My aim at Wirral Home Physio (WHP) is to meet the needs of older people living on the Wirral and surrounding areas by delivering high-quality, personalised programmes of physiotherapy in the setting of their own home or care home.

As an older person and falls specialist, my key interest is to enable the older person to remain as mobile, active and independent as possible.

Our bodies change as we age: physiotherapy can help prevent physical deterioration and help you to stay as fit, healthy and independent as possible. Many older people will, unfortunately, encounter episodes of illness or injury; physiotherapy can ensure you return to your optimum physical level, maintain a good quality of life and even enable you to remain longer in our own home with or without support.

My aim as your Physiotherapist is to identify your individual needs and provide a programme of specific advice and exercise to help you reach your personal goals.

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Physio for the Elderly

Falls Prevention

Targeted Physio

Post Operation Physio

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